Jennifer Garner to Play a Younger, Hipper ‘Miss Marple’ for Disney

Move over, Angela Landsbury:  there’s a new kid in town.

While Jennifer Garner may be best known for fighting crime as svelte spy in ABC’s now defunct TV series Alias, it looks like she’ll be hitting the big screen as Agatha Christie’s Miss Marple in Disney’s reboot of the classic British-spinster-turned-crack-detective.

This is, of course, not the first time that Christie’s heroine has made it to the silver screen.  Previously, she’s been portrayed by Margaret Rutherford during the 60s, and later by Angela Landsbury of Murder, She Wrote (and Mrs. Potts) fame.

Clearly, the plan is to update the character to be younger, hipper, and more appealing to a wider – and less geriatric – demographic.  Just how will that work, since Miss Marple’s appeal, at least in part, lies in the fact that she’s an elderly, quiet spinster, from a quiet country English village?  We’ll be interested to find out.

Garner is slated not only to star, but also to co-produce what has the potential to become a franchise, according to

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