John Lasseter Does Not Deny Possibility of ‘Toy Story 4’ in BBC Interview

Early Monday morning, Disney Animation bigwig (and Cars 2 director) John Lasseter found himself in a predictable hotseat:  answering questions about a fourth installment to the Disney Pixar Toy Story franchise.

While sitting down with the BBC to discuss Cars 2, which opens this Friday in the UK, the conversation eventually came around to Tom Hanks’ remarks about the fact that creation of Toy Story 4 is underway.  Lasseter had this to say about Hanks’ comments:

“I found that very interesting too.  Yeah, it was really interesting! Well, we haven’t announced anything yet.”
When asked by the interviewer if he’d like to announce anything, Lasseter, with a mischievous smile, said, “No.”
And so the world waits to see if Woody, Buzz, and the Gang will have another madcap toy caper.  
What are your thoughts?  Do you welcome another Toy Story installment?  Leave a comment below!

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