Jolly Holidays Bakery Open For Business at Disneyland

We first brought you word that Disneyland planned to close the doors of its Blue Ribbon Bakery back in October, and make use of the space to expand The Carnation Cafe.  In its culinary place, around the corner, guests can now enjoy the Mary Poppins’-themed Jolly Holiday Bakery.  The new venue had its soft opening yesterday, and our friends at Disney Food Blog were there bright and early to take in all the fantastic new details.

Jolly Holidays is chock full of small touches that remind guests of the classic live action Disney film, ranging from penguins in stained glass (remember when they wait on Mary?) to a display case featuring a robin, perched by a sugar bowl, ready to whistle with Mary.  Silhouettes of Mary and her charges, Jane and Michael, line the walls, and are an adorable touch, since the same custom momentoes are available in the park.

But what about the food, you say?

Well, apparently, it does not disappoint.  The counter service offers many pastries, as its name implies, but also provides breakfast and lunch meal options, such as quiche, gourmet sandwiches, and soups.  Drinks deserve a spotlight, too, with the house specialty Practically Perfect Punch (pomegranate limeade) and Abuelita (Mexican hot chocolate) sharing the menu board with other espresso drinks, as well as soft drinks.

Will you be venturing out to give Jolly Holidays a try anytime soon?  If you hurry in, you may even be greeted by Chef Oscar, who is calling the space home temporarily while the Carnation Cafe is under renovation.  Leave a comment below if you plan to enjoy some Practically Perfect Punch in the near future

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