Jon Stewart Interviews George Lucas at Star Wars Celebration V

“There are LOTS of Skywalkers in the universe. You should see the phone book,” George Lucas explained when fans asked how Darth Vader — whose given name was Anakin Skywalker — could be in the dark that Luke Skywalker was his son.

This was one of many questions fans threw at Lucas during a recent interview at Orlando’s Star Wars Celebration V, a multi-day fan conference that heated up at Orlando’s Orange County Convention Center as Jon Stewart of Comedy Central’s The Daily Show interviewed Star Wars mastermind George Lucas earlier today.

During the interview, Lucas answered other questions about confusing plot points and also revealed a sibling to Darth Maul, who will be introduced as a character in next season’s “Clone Wars.”

Lucas mentioned that the the Blu-ray edition of Star Wars won’t come out until 2011, but he promised lots of extra features.

Star Wars cast members Carrie Fisher and Mark Hamill joined Lucas and Stewart on stage at the end of the interview. Fisher will take the stage at noon on Sunday, the final day of the convention.

The convention also includes a Disney World-based event, where guests will have the chance to ride Star Tours before its closure and renovation into an upgraded Star Tours II.


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