Lin-Manuel Miranda to Make ‘DuckTales’ Debut on Friday, May 11

ducktalesLin-Manuel Miranda is set to make his Duck Tales debut on Friday, May 11, on Disney Channel.

Miranda – the award-winning actor, playwright,  and composer – will star as the voice of Gizmoduck.

This character is described as “Duckburg’s preeminent hero who has Latin roots” by Disney and Miranda’s debut episode is titled “Beware the B.U.D.D.Y. System!”.

Duck Tales will air daily on Disney Channel starting Tuesday, May 1, with premieres every Friday in May.

On May 1, DisneyNOW will debut a Duck Tales Treasure Hunt LIVE, which is an interactive experience on TV and on the DisneyNOW app. To play, guests select a team based on Duck Tales characters and each Friday in May the leading team will be highlighted.

The winning team will be announced on May 25,with an on-air shout out by their Team Captain and they’ll also receive an exclusive in-app surprise.

Guests at Disney’s Animal Kingdom can continue the storytelling by looking for some of the same treasures at Donald’s Dino-Bash starting May 25.

And, Disney Channel’s first-ever Duck Week kicks off May 6.


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