Marvel Studios Announces “Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure” in Conjunction with Release of Film

Marvel Studios is looking for the next Jane Foster, astrophysicist.

For those not-in-the-know, Jane Foster is a key character in Marvel’s Thor and Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World and is played by Academy Award winner Natalie Portman.

To celebrate the release of the film, Marvel Studios, UL (Underwriters Laboratories), Dolby Laboratories, National Academy of Science, Girl Scouts of the USA, and the El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood have teamed up to sponsor the nationwide “Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure.”

This endeavor aims to empower girls 14 and older in grades 9-12 to embark on a journey to discover their potential in the world of science, technology, engineering, and math – also known as STEM.

Through the collaboration of the partners, girls will be given a chance to ask successful women in STEM fields about what they do, how they got where they are, and how others can follow in their footsteps.

“Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World Ultimate Mentor Adventure is a chance to inspire a generation and by doing so, to change their future –and ours – for the better,” said Victoria Alonso, EVP, Visual Effects & Post Production, Marvel Studios.

Finalists of the “adventure” will win a week-long trip to Southern California provided by UL and Dolby Laboratories. The Ultimate Mentor Adventure will give the girls a chance to meet women in science, conduct interviews, and participate in experiments. The girls will also get to go behind-the-scenes and their adventures will be filmed.

On November 8, the winners will be recognized at the premiere screening of their Ultimate Mentor Adventure documentary short. The video will be show at the El Capitan Theatre prior to a screening of Marvel’s Thor: The Dark World.

For more information, rules, and how to apply for this adventure visit