Marvel Themed World Coming to Hong Kong Disneyland

Since acquiring Marvel in 2009, there have been persistent rumors that Marvel characters would eventually make their way into Disney theme parks. Now, it appears that will actually happen: a Marvel-themed world will be coming to Hong Kong Disneyland.

While there’s no news on when we can expect to see this new land or how extensive it will be, the assumption is that construction on the project will begin sometime this year or in 2014.

The news broke during a conference call discussing the park’s 2013-2014 budget. John Tsang, Hong Kong’s Financial Secretary, said:

In the coming few years, Hong Kong Disneyland will launch a new night-time parade and put in place a themed area featuring ‘Marvel Heroes’, the first of its kind in the world.

While this news may disappoint American fans, rest assured that it’s likely only a matter of time before Disney and Marvel work together to integrate Marvel characters into Disneyland Resort. In the meantime, we’ll keep you updated on the Marvel-themed world coming to Hong Kong Disneyland when more information becomes available.


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