Michael Chabon’s Name Mentioned for Work on ‘The Magic Kingdom’ Screenplay

Disney’s ambitious film project, “The Magic Kingdom,” based upon the company’s beloved theme park, may be met with skepticism from some at first glance, but Michael Chabon (Pulitzer-prize winning novelist and author of The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and Wonder Boys) and blockbuster director Jon Favreau (The first two Iron Man films and this summer’s “Cowboys & Aliens”) have the potential to bring considerable clout to the project.

Chabon’s numerous accolades include his contributions to the story behind “Spider-Man 2” as well as his novel Wonder Boys, which was the basis for the 2000 film of the same name.  The talented writer is already signed on for the Disney project “John Carter of Mars,” and Disney is reportedly trying keep him on the payroll with “The Magic Kingdom” as well.

Initially, Battlestar Galactica creator Ron Moore was slated to do the rewrites on “The Magic Kingdom” script; now, however, the studio will more than likely bring Chabon on instead, after he and Favreau met to discuss the direction of the story. While no official deals have been signed yet, it seems likely Chabon will play a key role in bring the film to life.

While no film is guaranteed to be a success, the combined talent of Favreau, who has proven that he has the skill to produce blockbuster gold more than once, and Chabon, who is skilled at delivering believable superhero drama, certainly makes this one for us to watch.


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