‘Mickey Man’ Has Over 300 Disney Character Tattoos

Often referred to as “Mickey Man” or Mr. Disney, 65 year old Al Cotton has certainly earned both monikers – he has over 300 Disney character tattoos, and started his tattoo “collection” in 1962 while he was in 9th grade.

When asked out his obsession with Disney, Cotton says it all started with cozy family memories:

I just remember us all sitting down in our living room every Sunday night to watch The Wonderful World of Disney, which featured a Davy Crockett series. You were cool if you knew Davy Crockett.

In addition to his tattoos, Cotton also has a room in his home dedicated exclusively to Mickey memorabilia, including pins, record players, toys, telephones and other merchandise. When he lost an arm to cancer, he also lost 10 of his Disney tattoos – but neighbors chipped in and helped fund his replacement tattoos, which are located along his side.

Cotton continues to keep his love for Disney alive by presenting his grandchildren with Disney-themed gifts every holiday, and says that “when they’re old enough to appreciate it,” he’ll be taking them to the Magic Kingdom.


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