Miss Adventure Falls Opens March 12 at Typhoon Lagoon

typhoon lagoonThe new family-friendly attraction at Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon – Miss Adventure Falls – is slated to open March 12.

The new attraction tells the story of Captain Mary Oceaneer, a “treasure-hunting heroine” who, along with her pet parrot, was stranded at Typhoon Lagoon during a storm.

Guests on Miss Adventure Falls will be transported in their raft to the top of the slide – a first at a Florida water attraction.

They’ll pass Mary’s shipwreck and see her parrot before being sent on a white water adventure full of twists, turns, and dips.

Along the way guests will see the artifacts Captain Oceaneer collected during her adventures.

Miss Adventure Falls has a ride time of two minutes, making it the longest attraction at Typhoon Lagoon.


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