‘Monsters University’ Soundtrack Features a Musical Score by Randy Newman

Randy Newman – the Oscar-, Grammy-, and Emmy-winning composer/songwriter – is making music again, this time for the upcoming Disney/Pixar release Monsters University. This film marks the seventh Disney/Pixar film that includes Newman’s music.

The movie takes place on a college campus, so Newman created an Alma Mater for MU called “Monsters University” which was performed by a team from Pixar Canada who sounded just like the giant crowd of monsters that sing the anthem in the film.

“We needed a giant crowd of crazy monster students to be singing it and the Canada team was great for this—the end result is sort of perfectly ‘off,” said Dan Scanlon, the film’s director.

Newman also recruited the international drum corps The Blue Devils to contribute to the college sound, in addition to incorporating concert band music creating the feeling of being on a college campus.

The film’s score was recorded with a 112-piece orchestra and features several character themes such as a “laidback shuffle” to introduce Sulley and an accordion for the less-than-cool Oozma Kappa fraternity. Atlanta rock band Mastodon is featured through their song “Island.” And, Axwell & Sebastian Ingrosso of Swedish House Mafia provide a party song called “Roar” that plays during a fraternity party scene. The song features an upbeat electronic dance sound.

The Monsters University soundtrack will be available on June 18. Disney/Pixar’s Monsters University hits theaters on June 21.


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