My Disney Experience App Now Includes ‘Get Directions’ Function

map2If you use the My Disney Experience app while visiting the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks, there’s a new function called ‘Get Directions.’

This new feature on the app lets users type in a location they want to visit and the location where they are currently and then calculates the travel time, and even gives step-by-step directions.

For example: if you’re in Tomorrowland at Space Mountain and you want to find your way to Pirates of the Caribbean you go the app, select Pirates of the Caribbean, and then select “get directions.” The app will show you the route and you can choose “see walking directions” to get the step-by-step route.

The app even calculates travel time between two locations.

The updated My Disney Experience app is available for iPhone and Android devices. If you have already downloaded the app you’ll just need to update your current app.


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