New Designs Announced for Retail MagicBand 2

grumpySeveral new designs have been released for the new MagicBand 2 retail editions.

The new designs feature black and teal MagicBand 2 – a first for both colors.

The first black MagicBand 2 features the Star Wars 40th Anniversary and sell for $27.99. The other black MagicBand 2 features Grumpy from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs and retails for $22.99.

The new teal MagicBand features Else from Frozen. On the MagicBand Elsa is surrounded by flowers in the summertime in Arendelle. This band sells for $22.99.

These limited edition MagicBand 2 options are only available at the Walt Disney World Resort where MagicBands are sold.


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