New Details Emerge About Revamped “Star Tours” Attraction

Last fall Disney announced that the “Star Tours” attraction in both Disneyland and Disney’s Hollywood Studios in Walt Disney World were going to close this summer and undergo some needed updates. Fans were excited when the announcement revealed details that the 23-year-old spaceflight simulator was going to take guests on a journey to Tatooine, instead of the current trip to Endor. In a previous teaser video a scene podracing through the desert-like terrain of Tatooine was shown, the attraction’s motion controls will be vastly modernized, & 3D glasses will be a new piece of the attraction for guests. It was also revealed that the name of the updated attraction will be changed to: “Star Tours: The Adventures Continue.”

The official Star Wars website has revealed some new details about the upcoming revamped “Star Tours” attraction, scheduled to reopen in 2011. Not only will galactic visitors be whisked through Tatooine, but there will also be a visit to the political center of the galaxy; Coruscant.

The “East Valley Tribune” explains the significance of Coruscant:

“Coruscant was conceived long ago for the original “Star Wars” trilogy by creator George Lucas, but never made it past the early scripts. It first appeared on screen in the prequels, but made its official debut and was named in a trilogy of novels by Timothy Zahn that helped build excitement for the prequels in the early 1990s: Heir to the Empire, Dark Force Rising and The Last Command”


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