New Halloween Merchandise Released at Disney Parks

To celebrate the season at Disney Parks, Disney has released new Halloween merchandise at both Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resort. This year’s artwork is brand new, and was done by Cody Reynolds, Senior Character Artist with Disney Design Group.

Reynolds had this to say about the new direction the artwork took for this year’s Halloween treats:

For this year’s Halloween artwork, we added a playful edge to the Disney characters and overall design. Halloween has become such a fun holiday at Disney that we thought the artwork should reflect the same kind of fun that guests have when dressing up.

Reynolds actually began work on the designs for the latest merchandise in April 2010. Several versions of the Fab 5 characters were drawn before he found the right way to depict the characters in all their Halloween glory. For inspiration, Reynold’s said he “applied a comic book illustration style to the art to add a sense of drama.”

Bear in mind that the artwork will only be used for this year, so stock up on the latest Disney Halloween merchandise while you can! All items are available at various locations throughout Disneyland and Walt Disney World Resorts for a limited time.


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