New ‘Incredibles’ Float Joining Paint the Night Parade at Pixar Fest

incredibles floatA new float featuring the Incredibles is joining the Paint the Night Parade for Pixar Fest.

The float will be added to the parade starting June 23 and features the Parr family and their friend Frozone.

The new float connects the stories from Incredibles and Incredibles 2, “portraying the scene that shows the Parr family banding together against the supervillain known as “The Underminer.”

On the float Violet is surrounded by a force field, and “Dash’s super-human speed is captured through an innovative system of 64 individually lit frames,” according to Disney.

The supersuits worn by Mr. and Mrs. Incredible and Frozone are programmed to be in sync with the parade’s music.

Pixar Fest runs through September 3 at Disneyland Resort. And, Pixar Pier opens June 23 at Disney California Adventure.


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