New Monorail Job Being Created in Walt Disney World

One week after Disney announced the addition of a 62-foot maintenance extension to it’s current monorail track, they are now announcing the creation of a new monorail job & a higher pay scale for the cast members who direct the movement of monorail trains. In the wake of the 2009 accident which resulted in the death of 21-year-old driver Austin Wuennenberg, Disney has been making a series of safety adjustments to their monorail systems.

“As we do throughout our business operations, we have closely reviewed the monorail system and identified opportunities to enhance our processes and procedures,” Finger said. “In doing that, we saw an opportunity to create this new role.” (-Orlando Sentinel)

The new position, “Central Monorail Controller,” will be responsible for overseeing all monorail traffic along the resort’s 15-mile track. In addition, a hierarchy of “Monorail Coordinators” has been established to ensure that those in charge of directing the trains can focus solely on mastering the operations. “Coordinators” also handle other duties like employee scheduling, responsibility for train movement will rotate amongst this group of “Coordinators.” While Disney negotiates with unions to reach a new labor agreement veteran monorail drivers will be able to earn an additional $3.08 per hour as a “Coordinator.”

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