New Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun! Parade to Undergo Changes

Disney’s Hollywood Studios new parade, “Pixar Pals Countdown to Fun!” will be undergoing changes in the next few weeks in response to guests’ complaints.

The new parade, which was rolled out just over two weeks ago, replaced the popular “Block Party Bash.”  Both performances featured heavy doses of Pixar characters, but the latest iteration was updated to include characters from more recent films, like “Up!” and “Ratatouille.”

Still, guests seem to be dissatisfied, which is somewhat puzzling, since many of the changes to the parade were, per Disney, in direct response to guest feedback.  The elimination of the previous parade’s “show stops” may be the answer – a move made at the request of park’s operations personnel.  (The stops made travel back and forth across the park during the 35-minute performance difficult for guests and cast members.)

But the deciding factor to add some sparkle back into the parade back to the drawing board may have come when Parks Chairman Tom Staggs visited recently, and made a special stop to take in the parade.  Apparently, Mr. Staggs agreed with guests that the parade needed some work.

As a result, look for some old favorite Toy Story charactes – like Mr. Potatohead – to be added back into the mix.  Additional entertainment elements and some “Cars 2” theming ahead of the film’s release should spice the parade up a bit as well.

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