New Policy for Door Decorations on Disney Cruise Line

If you have a Disney cruise planned and you’re bringing decorations for your stateroom door, you need to reconsider what you are bringing.

Effective immediately, Disney Cruise Line has instituted a new policy which states that all passengers are to refrain from using any type of adhesives – including any removable gel adhesives – on their stateroom doors. All over-the-door decorations are also forbidden.

The only kinds of decorations allowed on stateroom doors are magnetic. Disney Cruise Line says the policy has been instituted because the adhesives and over-the-door decorations guests were using had caused damage to the stateroom doors and trim.

All passengers will find a letter in their stateroom that discusses this new policy. Any passenger found with decorations on their doors will be reminded of the policy and if they fail to remove the decoration, the passenger will face a $100 fee to cover the cost of repairs.


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