Old Alice Likes New Alice

Last weekend, Tim Burton’s “Alice in Wonderland,” had enormous results at the box office with 3-D shows increasing them further, but what did the original voice of Alice think about the film?

Kathryn Beaumont, at the age of 10, was both the voice and model for Alice in the Disney classic, “Alice in Wonderland.”  59 years later, Beaumont watched Tim Burton’s rendition of the movie she played the lead role in over half a century ago.  According the Orange County Register she enjoyed it:

“I enjoyed it. I really did,” Beaumont said. “It’s Tim Burton. It’s going to have his special creativity in it. I loved the visuals.”

During a party Beaumont talked about the new film and signed autographs for Disney fans.

Throughout her life, Beaumont worked as an elementary school teacher while lending her voice to Disney for whatever projects they had planned, one of which being the Alice in Wonderland ride at Disneyland.

When asked if she felt like Burton stole her character she laughed and said, “It never crossed my mind.”

Read more at the Orange County Register.

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