‘One Man’s Dream’ Re-opens at Disney’s Hollywood Studios

Time for a confession:  when I first read that “One Man’s Dream” was re-opening at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, I thought:  What?  Where?

Yes, it’s true.  I have never seen “One Man’s Dream.”  But after reading about it, you can be certain that I’ll be visiting the very next time that I step into Hollywood Studios before I pass go, or collect my Brown Derby Cobb Salad.

Billed by Disney as a “multimedia gallery attraction for Guests,” “One Man’s Dream” is a unique look, not just at the company that he founded, but at Walt Disney, the man, himself.  The exhibit was originally created to commemorate Walt Disney’s 100th birthday, and has grown to include lots of neat things, like never-before-seen-or-heard interviews with Disney.  As a guest, your trip through time begins at the time and place of Disney’s birth:  1901, Chicago.  From there, you learn about many of his innovative ideas, and become privy to the vision he had for the future of his company. 

As a history buff and a lover of teeny, tiny scaled models, I look forward to seeing many replicas of the company’s recognizable landmarks.  The exhibit rotates more than 400 artifacts and pieces of memorabilia, but has included models of such attractions as Tower of Terror; Disneyland Resort’s Main Street U.S.A.; and the planning model for California Adventure Park.  You may even get to view those iconic and very special “Snow White and the Seven Dwarves” Academy Awards statues!

Primarily an effort to “freshen” the gallery, the refurbishment includes a new paint palette that should help to focus attention on the exhibits.  Imagineers have also added brand new components to the attraction, however.  The “WED Imagineering Workshop” is a rich trip through time, and includes sections of the original model for the “It’s a Small World” ride in Disneyland.  How fun it will be to compare and contrast the original vision with the ride as it appears today!  Another interesting artifact is the original Animatronic Abraham Lincoln figure, which first delighted visitors to the 1964/65 World’s Fair in New York City.  Guests are still amazed at how life-like these figures are, and this is a rare glimpse into that magic.

Also new, and opening next month, will be “The Legacy Continues.”  This new segment of the attraction will focus on the achievements of Walt Disney World from the 1970s through today.  The film tribute, “One Man’s Dream,” which concludes the tour and is narrated by Julie Andrews, remains as part of the exhibit.

So, I begin with a confession, and I finish with a pledge:  I may not have any fond memories of this attraction…yet.  But I look forward to changing that, through this wonderful opportunity to be still, and to remember that it all started…with One Man’s Dream.

See you real soon, Mr. Disney.


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