Popular Walt Disney World Entertainment Group, “The Village Beatniks,” Leaving Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Anyone who frequents Walt Disney World enough knows that the Magic Kingdom has a famous barbershop ensemble called the “Dapper Dans,” EPCOT has its patriotic “Voices of Liberty” & the plaid-laden group “Off Kilter,” and Disney’s Animal Kingdom has the colorful “Village Beatniks.” Entertainment at Walt Disney World has always been an appreciated highlight to guests who visit from all over the globe; to Walt Disney World enthusiasts the groups feel like local celebrities who make them feel ‘at home’ in the parks. Unfortunately, “The Village Beatniks” are getting ready to exit backstage one last time after entertaining Animal Kingdom guests for 12 years.

A five-person percussion ensemble, the ‘Beatniks’ have provided atmosphere and infectious African music in the “Discovery Island” section of the park with a colorful flair. Always encouraging guests to play along and engage in the full experience, ‘the Beatniks’ tell many mythical stories of Disney’s Animal Kingdom through music & creative storytelling.

“Orlando Theme Park News” posted a statement from Disney about the change:

“At the Walt Disney World® Resort, we regularly evaluate our offerings and make appropriate adjustments based on creative and operational needs. To meet recent operational requirements at the Park, performances by the Village Beatniks will be discontinued at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, effective Sunday, September 26, 2010. The Village Beatniks final performances will be on Saturday, September 25, 2010. Our sincerest thanks to the Village Beatniks for enhancing the Guest experience at Disney’s Animal Kingdom since 1998.”

We’re sad to see such a beloved Animal Kingdom institution leave, good luck to all members of “The Village Beatniks.” They’ll be missed!

Check out this You Tube video by “ExpeditionDisney” to see the group in action:

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  • Myself, being a musician and lover of the arts, this is perhaps the main reason why I would take the time to visit the Animal kingdom again when at disney. I am very dissapointed that this group would be overlooked as a mainstay for performance based attractions at the resort. Even for folks who are “indifferent’ to music, culture, and entertainment in general; this ensemble crossed boundaries to put a smile on every face who passed by. I Always understood that “THIS” was what comprised the “DISNEY MAGIC”. Has Disney management CHANGED their goals, mission, or philosophy?

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