PUSH the Talking Trash Can Has Been Removed from the Magic Kingdom

Push (1)After nearly a week of rumors regarding its departure and fans attempting to save it, PUSH the talking trash can has been removed from the Magic Kingdom at the Walt Disney World Resort.

The animatronic trash can – a fan favorite – was owned by Real Simple Ideas LLC, an Orlando-based product development company. The demise of PUSH came down to a failure to renew a contract between Disney and Real Simple Ideas LLC.

In an article in the Orlando Sentinel, Daniel Deutsch – the inventor of PUSH – said there was “ambiguity” in the contract regarding intellectual property rights.

PUSH was a fan favorite and made daily appearances inside Tomorrowland for the last 19 years, often surprising guests who weren’t expecting a trash can to talk or move.

Fans started a “save PUSH” Twitter campaign last week and created a Facebook page that has thousands of “likes.”


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