Radiator Springs Racers Ride: Scene-By-Scene Preview

The LA Times gives us a full, scene-by-scene preview of what the new Radiator Springs Racers ride in Disney California Adventure’s Cars Land will be like! The ride is scheduled to debut in 2012, and will be based on Epcot’s Test Track technology. Guests will ride in Pixar-esque cars on a “track” made of six acres of rock work, resembling the desert-like backdrop of Pixar’s Cars’ scenery.

Radiator Springs Racers will take guests on a four-minute car trip through caverns, countryside, and on high-speed roads! Each side-by-side race will end with one randomly selected winner.

*Spoiler Alert!*

Guests will begin in a queue area, where they wander through Tap N Cap, a roadside radiator cap shop owned by the town’s founder, Stanley. From here, they’ll move on to the loading station, which will resemble a fender-shaped cavern. Guests will ride in six-person vehicles with two rows of three seats each. The back story of the ride (the race) will be offered by the Sheriff.

Guests then launch into a road trip through Ornament Valley, where they’ll pass pine trees and a waterfall, but will soon move into a tunnel where they almost collide with Mack the truck! After a warning from the Sheriff about slowing down, Mater the tow truck arrives and takes guests “tractor tipping!”

Once guests get to Radiator Springs, Sarge, Fillmore, Lightning McQueen, and Sally offer tips for the big race while guests head into either Luigi’s for a tire change or Ramone’s for a paint job. After final race instructions from Doc Hudson and the flag-drop from Guido the forklift, the cars begin the race!

Shooting back outdoors, the racing vehicles take a test-track like lap around the desert-like rock work before a winner is announced and Mater and McQueen bid guests adieu.

Head over to the LA Times for more concept and story art for the ride!

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