Robert Downey Jr. May Net $50 Million for ‘Avengers’ Role

Robert Downey  Jr., who reprises his role as Iron Man in Marvel’s The Avengers may enjoy a hefty payday.

According to several sources, Downey Jr. may end up with $50 million after box office bonuses and back-end compensation is taken into account. A few sources say that number may even be higher, but it could be years before we ever know what the actual total is.

While it’s not unheard of for upper-level franchise movie stars to make that much money per picture, Robert Downey Jr.’s payday would be substantially higher than his co-stars. The discrepancy is credited to a deal Downey Jr. allegedly made with Marvel where he would receive a portion of the company’s revenue from every movie he plays Iron Man in.

As of this writing, representatives for both Marvel and the actor have declined comment .


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