Starbucks Coming to Disney Properties

Sources say that Starbucks will soon be arriving at “the happiest place on earth,” and will be opening a retail location at six Disney properties in California and Florida.

Guests will be able to visit the first Starbucks location, opening this summer at Disney California Adventure. Other locations will soon follow at Disneyland, as well as the theme parks in Florida – Animal Kingdom, Magic Kingdom, Epcot and Hollywood Studios. According to both companies, the Starbucks locations will be designed to blend in with the theme parks so it isn’t immediately apparent.

For example, at Disneyland the store will not even be called Starbucks. Instead, it will be dubbed “The Fiddler, Fifer and Practical Cafe” after the characters in The Three Little Pigs. Additionally, the iconic Starbucks logo will be nowhere in sight, although the company name will appear on posts in the entryway.

Disney and Starbucks have overlooked no details, and the Disney property Starbucks will offer the full menu as well as an additional “Mickey Mouse cookie or two.” Additionally, the baristas will wear aprons designed to blend with the decor instead of the traditional green aprons Starbucks employees normally wear.

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