Suri Cruise Has a Sleepover in Cinderella’s Castle Suite

Photos emerged last week of Suri Cruise and her father Tom, enjoying a visit to the Magic Kingdom at Walt Disney World in Orlando. They toured the theme parks, visited Blizzard Beach water park, and generally wowed unsuspecting guests everywhere. Suri’s enjoyment of Disney went beyond the theme parks.  Apparently, the family’s vacation included a few special nights inside the Cinderella Castle Suite at the Magic Kingdom.

The castle suite was initially conceived as an apartment for Walt Disney and his family to stay in while in Florida. Sadly, Walt passed away five years before Disney World ever opened. The suite is equipped with a sitting room, bedchamber, and bathroom off a private marble-floored foyer. The one bedroom contains two queen-sized beds and a pullout couch can accommodate up to six people.

The location is not the only thing that makes this castle suite special. The dramatic details are spectacular. In the foyer, a mosaic of Cinderella’s coach was made with more than 30,000 tiles, including 3,400 that are 24-carat gold. In the bedchamber, a 600-lb. antique limestone fireplace utilizes fiber optics to create the likeness of a “fire” with glowing embers, and two custom designed 8-ft. tall headboards display “C” for Cinderella. There is also a painting of the Disney princess that uses special effects to magically transform into a television.

In the sitting room, stained glass windows tell the story of Cinderella’s journey from pauper to princess. In the garden-themed bathroom, dome ceilings display a night sky full of twinkling stars, three mosaics – which feature a glass slipper, a crystal pumpkin, and a mouse looking up toward the castle – made of Italian glass contain more than 30,000 tiles, each hand-cut and placed by Disney artists.

Are you drooling yet? Unfortunately, the suite is not available for general booking at any price. Disney is known to use it for charity events and promotions, and of course, special celebrity guests.


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