“Tangled” Number One at the Box Office

It took a week, but Rapunzel has finally bested Harry.  During the second weekend of its release, “Tangled” has commanded the box office lead over “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1.”

On the weekend after Thanksgiving, which is historically an extremely slow movie weekend, “Tangled” earned $21.5 million to Harry’s $16.7 million, and had a much smaller drop in revenue than its competition.  The weekend’s totals place the “Tangled” domestic earnings at $96.5 million after twelve days in theatres.

Strong word of mouth may be responsible the success of “Tangled” during its second weekend.  Whatever the reason, Disney is enjoying its first hit independent of Pixar in almost a decade.

“Tangled” has also opened in 15 markets abroad, and has grossed $45.8 million outside of the U.S. to date.


2 responses to ““Tangled” Number One at the Box Office

  • I am amazed at how completely Disney dropped the ball on this film. Tangled was number one for the weekend and by the following weekend Disney had pulled every billboard and ad. It was as if the film had left the theaters suddenly.
    Dreamworks would never let this happen. They would have had big billboards boasting their film’s number one status and ads everywhere. Disney blew it. They could have had a third weekend win if they only knew how to chew gum and walk at the same time. With Tron coming out, Disney’s ad team is only able to focus on one film at a time.
    And now with Golden Globe noms out, Disney is unable to tout more than one film here too. TS3 was nominated in animation, but Tangled got a Golden Globe nomination too.

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