The History Behind Disneyland’s Halloween Tree

halloween tree dlThe Halloween Tree located near the Golden Horseshoe Saloon in Disneyland is more than just a tree decorated with grinning jack-o-lanterns and bright lights.

The tree was inspired by Ray Bradbury’s novel ‘The Halloween Tree’ and was dedicated to the author in 2007. Guests on Disney Cruise Line ships during the Halloween season can also see the Pumpkin Tree which is also inspired by Bradbury’s novel.

Bradbury was involved in the development of several attractions at Disneyland and Walt Disney World including Spaceship Earth at Epcot. He also wrote two Disney films – Something Wicked This Way Comes and The Wonderful Ice Cream Suit.

In the novel a group of trick-or-treaters learn the origins of Halloween while trying to find a missing friend.

The Disneyland Halloween Tree features a plaque that commemorates its dedication: “On the night of Halloween 2007, this stately oak officially became ‘The Halloween Tree,’ realizing famed author Ray Bradbury’s dream of having his symbol for the holiday become a part of Disneyland.”

Bradbury died in 2012.


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