The Rookery on Pandora – The World of Avatar Allows Guests to Connect with the Banshees

bansheeWhen visiting Pandora – The World of Avatar at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, guests can stop by The Rookery inside Windtraders to find their own banshee.

The banshee is an important creature on Pandora – and the main feature of the new attraction Avatar Flight of Passage. And guests will be able to take one home from the visit to Pandora.

Naturalists from the Alpha Centauri Expedition will help guests at The Rookery identify their favorite banshee. Each of the interactive souvenirs has range of motion of their head, mouth, and wings – controlled by hand, of course.

The banshees can be displayed on a guest’s shoulder or carried in their arms. A perch is sold separately. And before guests leave Windtraders they’ll be encouraged to take a pledge to respect the world of Pandora and Earth.

One last bit of fun with the banshee – guests will be encouraged to greet other banshee keepers on Pandora or at the Animal Kingdom with “Oel Ngati Kameie” (which means I See You in Na’vi).


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