The Walt Disney Company Named World’s Most Reputable Company by Reputation Institute

press_releases_default_image_0Recently, The Walt Disney Company was named the world’s most reputable company based on results of a worldwide consumer survey.

The survey was conducted by a private consulting firm, Reputation Institute. Disney shares the number one spot with Google, with each company scoring a 77.3 in the survey.

The online survey interviewed more than 55,000 consumers across 15 countries around the world including India, China, Russia, Brazil, France, Australia, and Spain. The consumers were asked to determine a company’s trust, admiration, feeling, and overall reputation.

For a company to be considered for the survey’s list of 130 companies it must be well known in the 15 countries and must have revenues of more than $6 billion in the United States or $1 billion globally.

Kasper Ulf Neilsen, the executive partner and cofounder of Reputation Institute told Forbes, “When you’re dealing with children and emotions, people assume you are also doing well for the citizenship at large. People’s perception is that Disney is a company that engages locally.”

Last year Disney was named America’s Most Reputable Company and one of the World’s Most Socially Responsible Companies along with Google, BMW, and Microsoft. Both of those surveys were also conducted by the Reputation Institute.

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