Two Men Arrested for Tokyo Disneyland Ticket Fraud

Sources say that two Chinese men have been arrested on suspicion of attempted fraud after trying to exchange illegally obtained admission tickets to Tokyo Disneyland on December 25.

One of the men arrested is a 24 year old student, and both men were caught trying to exchange approximately 10 Disneyland “e-tickets” at a ticket counter on Christmas morning. These online tickets retail for around 62,000 yen, and authorities say the tickets were illegally purchased using a man and woman’s credit cards that were reported stolen earlier this year.

The men have adamantly denied the accusations against them, and told police that “A middle-aged man told us that if we got the e-tickets exchanged, he would give us 500 yen for each.” As of this writing, the case has been sent to prosecutors. We’ll keep you updated on the verdict.


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