Walt Disney World Recognized for Energy Conservation in the State of Florida

The Walt Disney World Resort was recently recognized with Sustainable Florida’s large business best practice award for their work in energy conservation.

In this year alone, Walt Disney World saved enough electricity to power Space Mountain for 35 years, and since 2009 the resort has reduced overall electric consumption by more than 10 percent. This was achieved through implementing new technology and equipment, adjusting operations, and changing cast member behavior.

The company had set a goal to reduce electrical usage by 10 percent and based the goal on its 2006 consumption.

“We are especially proud to receive the best practice award from Sustainable Florida because it is recognition of our company’s long-standing commitment to the environment, conservation and the natural world,” said, Jackie Ogden, Ph.D., vice president of animal, science and environment at Walt Disney Parks and Resorts. “We’re always looking for new ways to conserve resources, including electricity, and to continue building on our success in the years to come.”

The ‘Make a Switch’ campaign encouraged the company’s 70,000 cast members to turn of electric switches when they weren’t in use.

Sustainable Florida is a nonprofit organization that is committed to conserving Florida’s natural and economic resources. Each year the organization gives companies its best practice award for their efforts to protect and preserve Florida’s environment.


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