Walt Disney World Resort Begins Scanning Kids’ Fingers at Park Entrances

magic-band1Guests at the Walt Disney World Resort theme parks have had their finger scanned at park entrances for years and now kids also have to scan a finger.

Disney recently started requiring kids ages 3 to 9 year old to scan a finger when they enter the theme park.

However, if parents aren’t comfortable with the scan, they can opt to use one of their own fingers instead.

This new policy aims to end the use of stolen and shared tickets – which was easier to do without the use of a finger scan.

The ‘Ticket Tag Service’ is simply taking a scan and converting it into a unique numerical value. Then the image of your finger is deleted and the numerical value is attached to the ticket and will be used each time you use that ticket to enter another theme park.

This system has been in use at the Disney Parks for the last decade.


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