Walt Disney World Resort Reducing Annual Passholder Discounts

On January 1, Walt Disney World Resort will cut the shopping discounts offered to visitors who purchase premium annual passes, which can cost upwards of $700 each.

Previously, the discount offered 20 percent off merchandise purchases. Come the new year, the resort will slash those discounts in half to 10 percent. Spokesman Bryan Malenius declined to offer comment on why the resort has decided to cut back on the discount, but did say that “[Walt Disney World] regularly evaluates our discounts and offers for annual pass holders and make adjustments.”

Since 2010, the entertainment giant has been slowly cutting back on their loyalty offerings to customers, and have steadily increased prices on their annual pass offerings and longer ticket options. While analysts says that visitors who purchase these premium passes and tickets are more loyal to Disney – and thus, more willing to take the price hikes – some customers have expressed dissatisfaction with the continuing price increases.

One such fan, Todd Talley, who visits the parks regularly, said:

Guest service, quality for the price you pay, show quality, etc., are no longer what’s really important to Walt Disney World management. It’s lip service to whoever buys it. It’s the bottom line, pure and simple.

What do you think about Walt Disney World Resort’s plan to decrease the shopping discount for premium passholders?


2 responses to “Walt Disney World Resort Reducing Annual Passholder Discounts

  • I’m disappointed in Disney’s attitude toward its dedicated customers. We’ve been pass holders for longer than I remember and I feel like we’re constantly being taken advantage of being treated like second class citizens. This family of six will not be renewing our passes and will be taking our business over to Universal and Sea World.

  • I hear you, Kiko. It is frustrating to see cuts to the passholder program. Thank you so much for reading, and for sharing your insight regarding the passholder program. I have a feeling that Disney will see more moves like this from their staunchest fans in the future.

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