Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain Receives Safety Bars

It’s officially official:  when Splash Mountain reopens today, it will be with newly-installed lap bars.

The move proved necessary for Disney, as they have continued to have problems with guests who attempted to stand or exit the boats before the conclusion of the ride.  “From time to time, we have had guests attempt to prematurely exit the ride vehicle. It is our hope that the new lap bars will prevent this from happening in the future,” said Disney World spokesman Bryan Malenius.

Disney had considered installing lap bars on the boats before, but had decided against the move because of concerns that the extra safety measure would add time to the guest-loading process.  However, at this point, the theme park does not believe that the restraints will add significantly to the wait or load time, or that they will impact the number of guests that each boat can safely carry.


5 responses to “Walt Disney World’s Splash Mountain Receives Safety Bars

  • I always thought it was cool that it didn’t have any safety bars. People always ruin everything.

  • I was on Spalsh once when a teenager jumped out of his boat, the ride was shut down and we were stuck there for 45 minutes while they looked for him, now that will increase load times

  • Brandon – I know, right? How much more fun would the parks be if it weren’t for silly people.

    Keith – Excellent point. I suppose it’s all about perspective. I’d much rather take the two seconds for them to tug on the bar than the 45 minutes to hunt up a stray teenager 🙂

  • I rode with the lap bars Tuesday. They don’t push on them to check but glance to make sure they’re on. Didn’t add to loading time at all.

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