Who’s “Going to Disney World!” After Super Bowl XLV?

Drew Brees Uttering the Famous Words after Superbowl XLIV

It’s a question that has been put to many notable people over the last 25 (well, almost) years, including star athletes in all different sports, performers, scholars – even Santa himself.  “So-and-so, you’ve just done such-and-such.  What are you going to do next?”

And we all know the answer.  And we all wish we could go with them.

So, who will be the next person to utter those famous words?  Will he be wearing green and gold – or black and gold?

There’s really no way to predict; even if we knew tonight’s winner, we wouldn’t necessarily know who gets the free trip.  Team MVPs aren’t always the folks featured in the spots.  Sometimes – twice, in fact – it’s been a coach.  More than anything, Disney looks for a story of “courage, poignancy, and triumph” that will resonate with viewers.

We’ll await the commercial to find out who the lucky notable will be, since he’ll also be scheduled to appear at Walt Disney World (or possibly Disneyland) on Monday following the big game.  Word is that the Florida parks have been told to ready the post-game floats.  Stay tuned!


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