With Dream Successfully Launched, Disney Attention Turns to Fantasy

Artist's Rendering of the Disney Cruise Line Fleet

We’ve all watched every moment, every movement, every development of Disney’s newest ship, the Dream.  But as she successfully embarks on her Caribbean itinerary, it’s time to turn our attention to her younger sister:  the Fantasy.

The Disney Fantasy is being built in Germany, by the same storied shipbuilder that produced the Dream.  And today, she’ll mark a milestone of her own, as Disney and Meyer Werft conduct the traditional keel-laying ceremony.

The Disney Fantasy will be a sister ship to the Dream, and as such, will be quite similar.  Both ships will accomadate 4,000 passengers, and will share a similar design, right down to the top deck water coaster.  And to begin, both ships will sail itineraries based in the Caribbean:  the Dream will continue to sail 3-, 4-, and 5- day trips, while the Fantasy will take passengers on 7-day cruises, alternating between the eastern and western Caribbean.

While the ships may be hard to tell apart at a glance, they will feature design differences, and dining, lounge, and entertainment offerings will certainly differ to a degree.  Jim Urry, vice president of entertainment, discussed that, while the ships will certainly be similar, the company still wants to develop different personalities for them.  “We really wanted to have a different menu for each ship.  Some of the shows will be from our current ships, but we haven’t really landed on the exact shows yet.”

Still, these are sister ships; just like the first two Disney ships, the Magic and the Wonder, are closely related and very similar, so will these be.  We’ll have to wait and see what the final decisions are, as many details are still in the works.

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