Woman Brings Sexual Assault Lawsuit Against The Walt Disney Company

Kellie Rodriguez, who attended a 2011 taping of Disney’s popular sitcom Good Luck Charlie, is suing the Walt Disney Company for the alleged sexual misconduct that took place during the taping.

According to the lawsuit, Rodriguez was subjected to lewd and inappropriate acts at the hands of crowd entertainer Ron Pearson. Rodriguez, along with two other audience members, were chosen by Pearson to participate in a contest that involved a “silly dance” to The Village People tune “YMCA.” However, Rodriguez claims the “silly dance” was anything but silly. In fact, Rodriguez claims that Pearson began spanking her while her back was turned during the number.

Says the lawsuit, “this unwarranted and unconsented spanking was relentless, and did not cease until Plaintiff physically turned around to stop it.”

After the contest, the lawsuit also alleges that Pearson asked Rodriguez for a kiss on the cheek, which she complied with in the spirit of being a good sport. However, the lawsuit then goes on to say that Pearson took advantage of Rodriguez, and ended up kissing her on the mouth.

Citing that her health, mental well-being, trust, and confidence has been damaged, Rodriguez’s lawsuit is claiming sexual assault, battery, negligence, negligent hiring and several additional charges. As of this writing, Disney has not responded with their comments. We’ll keep you updated as the lawsuit progresses.


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