Woman Sues Over Alleged Donald Duck Groping

Donald Duck is known to be a bit of a wildcard, but did he grope a visitor to Disney World?

A Pennsylvania woman is suing for $50,000 over an incident she claims happened while visiting Epcot. According to April Magolon she was molested by a cast-member in a Donald Duck costume. According to Philly.com:

Beyond the humiliation of being groped by an anthropomorphic duck in a sailor suit, Magolon claims that the incident caused “severe physical injury,” a “shock to her entire nervous system,” “muscle contraction headaches,” “acute anxiety,” “nausea, cold sweats, insomnia, nightmares, flashbacks, digestive problems” and other conditions that are “permanent in nature.”

The suit, filed in Philadelphia, claims negligence as well as infliction of emotional distress and battery. A Disney spokesman said only: “We’ve not seen the plaintiff’s complaint and we will respond appropriately in court.”

Photo Courtesy of Michelle Snow

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