World of Disney Reopens at Disney Springs

The World of Disney in Disney Springs has reopened after a lengthy refurbishment!

Areas of the store had been open during the refurb of World of Disney, but on October 27, guests had a chance to step inside the store and see all of the updated areas.

The new and improved World of Disney even has its own Disney Springs backstory now – and as the story goes it used to be a marketplace, but animators took it over and turned it into a place to create.

Then, once the actual animation studio opened the spot was abandoned again until the retailers arrived and turned it into the World of Disney.

Guests will see touches of the animator’s artwork throughout the store including nods to Disney animators.

Of course the store is full of Disney merchandise, and it’s a spot where you can also buy the new reusable Disney bags!

Check out all of the photos of the grand reopening at the Disney Food Blog!

New collections in the store include the Mickey Mouse Club Collection, plus new areas dedicated to the Disney Princesses, plush toys, and more.


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