Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon

One of two water parks located at Walt Disney World Resort, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon opened in 1989 and has been entertaining families ever since. Fast waterslides, a special children’s area, snorkeling opportunities and a surf pool ensure there are plenty of fun things to do for kids and adults alike.

Of course, Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon wouldn’t be complete without a touch of the famous Disney storytelling behind it. According to Disney legend, Typhoon Lagoon was formed in the wake of a gigantic storm. During this epic storm, boats and surfboards were tossed every which way – even onto mountains. In fact, the volcanic Mount Mayday, located directly behind the Surf Pool, is where you’ll find the stranded shrimp boat Miss Tilly, as well as most of the park’s waterslides and other attractions. Mount Mayday itself will attempt to blow up every half hour, shooting a tall geyser of water into the sky.

The water park consists of 9 different waterslides, including a thrill ride with near-vertical drops. Additional attractions include a children’s play area, the Typhoon Lagoon surf pool with 6 foot waves, and Shark Reef, where visitors can snorkel with real sharks and schools of beautiful fish.

Surf lessons are also available to visitors before the park opens, and experienced surfers have the option of booking private surf sessions as well. For a more relaxing way to enjoy the park, guests can catch a ride on Castaway Creak, a lazy stream that allows guests to take a leisurely raft ride around the water park. Finally, guests can take a break on Sandy White Beach, a a semi-secluded area with lounge chairs, umbrellas and hammocks for those guests who want to get away from the hustle and bustle of the water park.

To relax in between play, visitors to Typhoon Lagoon also have the option of renting private Beachcomber Shacks, which come complete with personal attendant and waiter service, lounge chairs, a private locker, towel service for up to 6 people, a stocked cooler with water, and all day drink mugs.

There are also many options to quench your thirst and grab a quick bite to eat while visiting Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon water park. There are six quick-service restaurants on property, as well as two picnic areas and an outdoor pool bar. Transportation to the water park is also quick and convenient, with bus service available throughout Walt Disney World Resort.

Additionally, there are three shops for visitors to pick up gifts, sunscreen, cameras, towels, hats and other sundries located within the park. These shops include Singapore Sal’s, located near the front entrance of the park, as well as High ‘N Dry. Lowtide Lou’s, a seasonal shop, can be found by the Surf Pool.

Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon offers plenty of fun for adults and children alike, and features some of the most exciting waterslides and other attractions for the whole family to enjoy.