Good Luck Charlie

Good Luck Charlie, a Disney Channel Original television series, debuted April 4, 2010. The family sitcom centers around the Duncan family, which consists of mom Amy, Bob the dad, two teenagers named PJ and Teddy, and a younger boy named Gabe. Then, baby Charlie comes along and older sister Teddy tries to teach Charlie all the lessons she’ll need to know growing up via video diaries.

Good Luck Charlie also debuted in Canada, the United Kingdom and Ireland May 14, 2010, and in Australia and New Zealand on July 23, 2010.

The television series stars former Wizards of Waverly Placeactress Bridgit Mendler as Teddy; Leigh-Allyn Baker as Amy; Eric Allan Kramer as Bob; Jason Dolley as PJ; Bradley Steven Perry as Gabe and Mia Talerico as Charlotte “Charlie” Duncan.

Since its debut last year, the show was renewed for another season. The first episode of the second season premiered February 20, 2011. Because the show debuted to such critical acclaim, Disney began production on a Good Luck Charlie Disney Channel Original Movie. Production for the film began in March 2011, and it’s slated to premiere sometime in winter 2011/2012.  The movie will closely follow the storyline of the television show, and will feature the same cast of characters.

What makes Good Luck Charlie different from other Disney Channel series – and sitcoms in general – is the family dynamic. While many Disney Channel shows feature the kids constantly trying to one-up their parents, therefore making the parents seem less intelligent than the children, Good Luck Charlie deviates from this pattern and features the parents dealing with their own sets of problems that real families go through.

For example, one of the episodes deals with Amy, the mom, discussing her worries with Bob, the father, about returning to work after taking time off once Charlie was born. Another real-life issue the show deals with includes the parents worried about making ends meet with several kids to feed. Both of these concerns echo problems that real-life families can appreciate and relate to, which makes for a refreshing change of pace when compared to most sitcoms on the air today.

Additionally, some of the jokes told on the television series are also clearly aimed at adults, making this show one the entire family can enjoy. Of course, the kids have their own issues to deal with as well, and the show dives into all of what you would expect – dating, school, friends, making bad decisions – all while the other kids help their parents raise baby Charlie.

Overall, Good Luck Charlie is a Disney Channel sitcom that children and their parents can both enjoy and appreciate. With the show renewed for a second season and an upcoming movie debuting next winter, this particular series seems to be heading down the right track.