Hyperion Wharf

In November 2010, Disney announced that the formerly named Pleasure Island, a nighttime entertainment venue in Downtown Disney, would be renamed Hyperion Wharf and given a complete makeover. The name was inspired by the Greek god of light, Hyperion, as well as the street that Walt Disney’s first major animation studio was built on, and the theme will focus on a 1900’s port city and amusement pier.

Unlike Pleasure Island, the shops and restaurants that will be located in Hyperion Wharf will be open during the day and evening, and the area will come alive at night with sculptures, water features, thousands of lights and plenty of greenery to set the scene. A lakeside park is also in the works for Hyperion Wharf, and a number of diverse dining establishments are expected to up dining availability at Downtown Disney.

While Pleasure Island was a popular destination for the 21 and up crowd because of the array of nightclubs available, the transformation to Hyperion Wharf means the nightclubs will be gone and replaced by more family-friendly entertainment venues, shops and restaurants.

While few details have emerged about the renovation of Pleasure Island, recent news has confirmed that Apricot Lane Boutique, a specialty clothing store, will be taking over Harley-Davidson’s former location. Additionally, Splitsville, a 50,000 square foot entertainment venue, will also beĀ  coming to Hyperion Wharf. This venue will combine billiards, bowling, dining, music and nightlife into one jam packed entertainment venue and construction is expected to begin in the fall.

The initial construction of Hyperion Wharf was scheduled to open in phases, with completion of the area to finish by 2013. However, it looks like the renovation will be delayed. While removing the buildings that weren’t going to be part of Hyperion Wharf, Disney officials have put construction on the new area on hold while they pause to evaluate opportunities that have forced them to consider their master plan. As of this writing, no new information on the expected completion of Hyperion Wharf has been given.