Imagination Movers

In 2003, four friends from New Orleans – Rich Collins, Scott Durbin, Dave Poche and Scott “Scotty” Smith – began brainstorming ideas for a kids television show and writing songs. A mere two years after they began coming up with ideas, the group became a musical sensation in their hometown with a unique pop sound and lyrics about healthy snacks, playtime and other topics that appealed to children and parents alike.

Dubbed the Imagination Movers, the Louisiana band first pitched their concept to local PBS affiliates. WLAE Tv took an interest in the group, and eventually introduced them to an executive at Louisiana Public Broadcasting. LPB began airing one-minute videos produced by the group themselves, but in 2005 Disney finally took notice.

While the deal was being negotiated, Hurricane Katrina wreaked havoc on the band, but Disney and the Imagination Movers finally came to an agreement in 2006. While the Imagination Movers had released several records prior to being signed by Disney, Disney was the first to introduce the Movers’ music nationwide with the release of their CD, Juice Box Heroes, in March 2008. Several months later in September 2008, Disney began airing a 30 minute show called The Imagination Movers on their preschool programming block Playhouse Disney. The show became a huge hit, and has aired in over 55 countries and territories and has been translated into 12 languages.

Several other records and DVD’s have been released since Disney signed the Imagination Movers, including 2009’s Warehouse Mouse Edition DVD; July 2009’s record, For Those About To Hop, and 2010’s CD release In a Big Warehouse.

The Emmy award-winning show features The Imagination Movers solving idea emergencies in their warehouse, using creative and unique solutions while encouraging children to never give up. After three seasons of the hit show, Disney announced in May 2011 that the show would not return for a fourth season. The show will continue to air on the Disney Channel for some time, including never-bef0re-seen episodes, and the band is currently in talks to figure out what’s next. Anything could happen now, and there have been talks about a feature length movie, more touring and even possible licensing deals.

Since the show’s inception, the band has toured in support of their show, including the 2011 Big Warehouse Tour, which featured the band touring across 57 cities in the U.S. and Canada. They currently have several other tour dates planned for summer 2011 and beyond.

While the show will not be returning, it’s abundantly clear that the Imagination Movers have brought kids and their families a  fun and safe blend of music and entertainment. The group is looking forward to the new opportunities that are currently being presented, and it’s a safe bet to assume that the dynamic quartet will continue to bring their unique sound to children everywhere for some time to come.