My Yard Goes Disney!

My Yard Goes Disney!, a new show premiering on HGTV Monday, June 6 at 8/7 central, will transform ugly backyards into a Disney inspired area worthy of family playtime.

The show will be hosted by Brad Johnson, and will feature six episodes where HGTV and Disney Parks work their magic to transform a humdrum backyard into something amazing – with a touch of Disney magic, of course!

In the premiere episode, you will be introduced to Tommy and Angie Bradburn, a couple who grew up visiting the Disney parks. Now, they want to share their love for the Disney brand and create a backyard their children can play in and love. The children’s grandmother lives right next door, as well, so both the Bradburns’ and the grandmother open their yards for Disney and HGTV to remake their boring space into something the whole family can enjoy.

The biggest feature you’ll see when the first episode debuts is the installation of a Magic Kingdom-inspired train that runs the length of the Bradburns’ backyard into the grandmother’s, so the children can ride the trade back and forth. Additionally, crews installed a Tinkerbell-themed area complete with a giant teapot in the Bradburns’ yard, and grandma’s yard features an 8-foot tall sorcerer’s hat with a special play area underneath for the kids.

Other magical touches include gigantic sunflowers featuring photos of the Bradburn family in the center of each flower. There’s also a giant birdcage complete with a swing that’s big enough for the entire family to enjoy. Finally, mushroom-themed tables and chairs, as well as cheery umbrellas, were added to the backyard to give the Bradburn family a place to relax and enjoy the outdoors.

Future episodes in the series will feature other amazing transformations, including a Pirates of the Caribbean-inspired makeover (complete with pirate ship!), and another episode will turn a boring backyard into an Animal Kingdom design with a handcrafted fire pit, thatched-roof tree houses, and a safari jeep replica.

My Yard Goes Disney! promises to be an entertaining and exciting television show, and will no doubt have everyone dreaming of their own Disney-inspired backyard paradise.