‘African Cats’ Integrated into Disney’s Animal Kingdom’s Earth Day Event

This year, Disney’s Animal Kingdom park will integrate Disneynature’s upcoming film, African Cats, into their annual Earth Day event. The theme this year is┬áCelebrate Earth Day with a Party for the Planet.

In order to raise awareness and bring African Cats to life, the Animal Kingdom park will be offering a host of activities and special educational opportunities that feature lions, cheetahs, and how scientists research these wild animals.

For example, inside the Conservation Station at Rafiki’s Planet Watch, guests will be able to participate in “Be a Big Cat Researcher” activities designed to teach people how scientists study these magnificent cats in the wild. The program will allow visitors to the park to record lion and cheetah behaviors on an ethogram; help discover and find solutions to conservation issues that affect big cats; learn about the savanna’s other wildlife, as well as GPS collars and camera traps. Additionally, guests will be able to hear cheetah and lions communicating with one another.

The Disney Worldwide Conservation Fund will also be on hand with plenty of other projects that showcase lions and cheetahs that the fund supports across several African countries.

Kids will be able to participate in the fun Earth Day celebration as well by visiting the Connecting Kids to Nature station. There, children will be able to participate in a variety of themed activities to help them learn to appreciate nature and all of its inhabitants.

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