Baby Elephant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom is Being Introduced to the Savannah

Back on May 23rd we reported about the birth of a baby elephant at Disney’s Animal Kingdom, a beautiful baby girl. Luna, now almost one month old, is taking her first steps into the Kilimanjaro Safaris Savannah. Luna has a lot of adapting and learning to do and Disney is taking every precaution to foster her health and well-being.

Luna will spend plenty of time bonding with her Mother Donna, she’ll do a “swim test” to prepare herself for the small bodies on water in the Savannah, and she’ll be introduced to the rest of the elephant herd. Guests hoping to get a peek of baby Luna and her Mother while riding in a Kilimanjaro Safaris vehicle should note that Luna will still spend a portion of her day backstage in a rest area.

The Disney Parks Blog noted: “Because our top priority is excellent care for Luna, during the introduction period, her time out on the savannah may be limited and vary from day to day. Of course, the Kilimanjaro Safaris is always a fantastic adventure because each safari provides a different experience and wildlife viewing is always great!”

Photo by Gene Duncan for Disney Parks Blog

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