Blu-Ray Breathes New Life into Beauty and the Beast

Still wondering if buying older animated features on Blu-Ray is worth the price?  One reviewer says – absolutely.

With all the hullabaloo over the release of “Toy Story 3” a few weeks ago (actually, as the Disney-Pixar film sales keep soaring, the hullabaloo continues), I wondered:  how is “Beauty and the Beast,” that animated film from the old days of the 1990s, faring with critics? 

I was pleasantly surprised to find that the buzz was very good around this wonderful classic.

In his review of the Blu-Ray, Andru Edwards says that the newest version of “Beauty and the Beast,” which was released last month, trumps any other release of the film to date – including the original theatrical release.  He goes so far in his review to say that watching this version of the film would most likely make a believer, and convert, of most who doubt Blu-Rays’ superiority to the DVD format.

With one of the “best Blu-Ray transfers” he has seen, and a stellar 7.1 soundtrack to match, Edwards says that he’s never seen hand-drawn animation look better than this.  “The colors here are vibrant, and every detail is on point,” says Edwards.  “Disney has made this one feel new again.”

True praise, when time – and technology – have marched on in the almost 20 years since the film was released.

The Blu-Ray/DVD combo pack is chock-full of extras, too, which include three different versions of the film, plus a DVD-format disc that comes in handy for portable players and car trips.

And, even more exciting news: the three-disc Diamond Edition is available now at for $19.99, a whopping $20 savings, just in time for early Christmas shopping!

Santa, are you listening?

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