“Toy Story 3” Number One on DVD, Blu-Ray Charts

In its first week after release, “Toy Story 3”topped Nielson’s DVD and Blu-Ray Charts by a better-than-healthy margin, beating out its next new release competitor by nearly 10 to 1.  Home Media Magazine also reports that “Toy Story 3” is tops on its rental chart.

But perhaps most interesting:  Blu-Ray finally seems to be catching up with DVD sales, as packages featuring the combination of DVD/Blu-Ray discs accounted for 33% of the total units sold in the first week.

While it is too soon to tell for sure, early numbers indicate that Blu-Ray sales are trending much higher this holiday season than last.  During a conference call with analysts last week, Disney’s CEO Bob Iger further elaborated that an overwhelming majority of buyers who purchased a Blu-Ray opted for the combination which featured the DVD along with the Blu-Ray.  In fact, 80% of Blu-Ray buyers preferred this packaging.


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